Monday, November 5, 2012

Why YOU and YOUR VOTE Matters This Time, No Matter Where You Live

On paper, the election is looking very close and much like a tie in most battleground states.

We all understand the importance of voting if you live in a battleground state, but what if you live in a mostly liberal or conservative state? And what if you live in a western state and hear on the radio that the election has been called, even though you haven’t had a chance to vote yet?

This election unlike any other, requires a huge and vast amount of popular votes for Romney in ALL states – no matter where you live.

If you’re in Texas and know that your state is going to Romney we still need your vote. If you live in California and feel that Obama will win your state and therefore your vote doesn’t matter, your wrong -- we need your vote. And if the news calls the election before western states are done, it still matters that you and everyone you know votes for Romney.

Why? Because there are a few projected scenarios that cause concern, and having a huge popular vote win for Romney is key, regardless of Electoral Votes.
  1. It’s possible that Romney can win enough Electoral votes, but because of heavily populated states like New York and California, Obama could win the popular vote. The Constitution specifies that the Electoral votes are what matter, but Obama is likely to sue and challenge the Constitution saying that “America clearly wants him.” More Romney votes from all states will help against this happening.
  2. Obama could win more Electoral votes and Romney get more popular votes. Again, Romney would humbly concede and not challenge the Constitution as Obama surely would, but more Romney votes from all states will help him gain unseen Electoral votes.
  3. Romney wins by a landslide made possible by all of the extra people voting no matter where they live.
  4. Romney wins with both Electoral and popular votes, in which case having more popular votes helps helps make the win even more decisive. This will help those on the left to move on and not want to challenge the election.
  5. There is a perfect Electoral vote tie which Mark wrote about in an earlier post (linked here). This can be avoided with more popular votes for Romney.
  6. Nobody is predicting a scenario in which Obama wins by a landslide, which is encouraging. So this scenario is another big reason for everyone in every area of the country to vote for Romney. 
It is important that you spread the word to everyone you can who can and will vote for Romney. In this election particularly, numbers really will matter, no matter where you live.

Until next time, America.

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  1. It's fun reading this with the benefit of hindsight. 332-206 isn't a 1980 landslide, but it's pretty damn respectable of a win.

    I simply do not understand how people feel completely comfortable tossing around ludicrous assertions like your claim that Obama would challenge an electoral vote loss. Let's assume that he did. No court would listen to the case. I am an ardent Obama supporter, but even I would flip out if Obama had tried something like that.

    But the fact is, there's absolutely zero indication that he would try such a thing. What precedent, what actions has he taken in the past that would lead you to believe that this is a foregone conclusion? When you guys on the Right make claims like this that are just completely off the deep end, it's hard to take you seriously even when making reasonable statements. These arguments do nothing but hurt your credibility.