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Why Biased Media & Liberal Agendas Need Each Other, And What You Won’t Hear About Mass Shootings

Yesterday was a sad day. An evil man set on committing mass murder, disregarded morality, disregarded laws, made plans, took preparations, and killed the most helpless and innocent people in our society – children. Religious people and those on the right have no problem calling this evil and know that evil does and will always exist despite laws and government intervention.

However, the immediate and knee jerk reaction from the biased media, Hollywood, and leftists politicians is a cry for more government laws and bans – and anyone who disagrees is “stupid.” (news link)

But is it stupid to ask what new law will stop someone who is evil and disregards laws? Isn’t it actually stupid to instead believe the leftist-utopian idea that a world where no one is allowed to defend themselves, magically makes everyone safe from evil?

It’s always sad when evil presents itself in the world, however I find it almost as bad to sit and wait to capitalize on such a tragedy and use emotions to push political agendas. The anti-gun groups are notorious for writing up gun-bans, and then waiting for horrible tragedies to begin pushing them.

In the words of Barack Obama’s previous Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” (quote link)

It is morally reprehensible to wait to use tragic events as launching pads for bad agendas that would never pass when emotions were set aside and facts were allowed into the discussion.

Even in President Obama’s moving speech after the shooting yesterday, he couldn’t help but in the same breath announce that he was going to push for the gun bans he’s always wanted, implying that these kinds of tragedies happen “all the time” and he can solve them with his anti-gun bans, and no one better let “politics” get in the way of him. (speech link)

NEWS is the Exception, Not the Norm

The real truth is that these things don’t happen all the time. (news link) News is only news because it is extreme and rare and the odd exception. News isn’t about the common place. News is never about the 100+ million gun owners that use guns for good, many ever single day for self-defense, or that there are more gun owners than doctors, more gun owners than golfers, more gun owners than both combined, or that your children are more likely to be killed by their doctor, by lighting, or in a car wreck, than in a school shooting.

The normal news outlets will never tell you that the divorce rate of 50% is a gross exaggeration by double, that marriage has been on the rise for the last 30 years, that teen pregnancy is down, drug use is down, crime is down, gun ownership is skyrocketing, and more guns of any kind in society do not relate to more crime, but in fact the opposite is true.

Why? Because this kind of information goes against the very nature of news. "If it bleeds, it leads," is the common mantra of news outlets, which shows that they have a biased towards bad news and tragedies. No one even doubts that news outlets are biased; and we even shrug when we see it on TV shows and Hollywood movies.

Hollywood constantly marginalizes gun owners as weird, un-educated, and various characters routinely ask the question, “Why do you need a gun?” They imply that in today's age, why is there a need to defend oneself when we have the government to protect us?

No one in media focuses on the numerous good uses of guns every day to protect themselves (some examples here) because it’s not news to them and goes against their mistaken belief that society is sick. However they do focus on crimes used with guns where laws or rules keep the victims from being able to defend themselves, and the tragedy is therefore made much worse by the perpetrator.

The media’s motto is its cause for bias: "If it Bleeds, it Leads."

This feeds the false ideas that guns are to blame, gun manufactures and models are important details in a news story, that our society is sick, and that crime is always up, and government needs to do something.

The belief that society is getting more sick is what the news business is all about, and it’s good news for them as well as leftists that want to push agendas. That is the crux of the problem and that is why emotion rather than facts will keep both the media and bigger-government agendas biased.

They are like the two sides of the yin and yang circle that constantly chase and feed each other. The biased media needs bad news to survive and always has the same knee-jerk reaction to every horrible story, “Where was the government protection? Why wasn’t the government there to save us?”

Those with a leftist agenda on the other hand crave a bigger government and need the drum beat of bad news in order to move agendas forward. They wait for the right tragedies to say, “This new, bloated government program, this new spending program, this reduction in liberties, this new regulation, this new oversight, or this new ‘sensible’ ban – this will save us.” ...until the next event where they admit they didn't go far enough, create enough regulation, reduce enough liberties, or ban enough guns.

Do Tragedies Really Require Government Solutions?

Why must a tragedy require us to "do something?" We already have laws in place and someone broke them on purpose. So why do people say, "we need some laws to stop things like this from happening." The fact is that we can't legislate away evil.

It’s depressing to hear of this tragedy yesterday, knowing that it will be compounded with an immediate outcry from those with an agenda to grow government, and have it swoop in and protect us. But in the end they'll continue to be simple solutions to complex problems that do nothing to address the fact that some people are just evil.

Nevertheless, some gun bans sound fine to uninformed people, especially when the Brady Anti-Gun Campaign has for years used the phrases “sensible” and “common sense” before using the word “ban” or “regulation” saying, “that some common sense gun regulations couldn’t hurt.”

The Seductiveness Of Anti-Gun Groups

So my question to those people is what new ban would make them happy? What ban would really stop crime? What ban would stop mass-murders from happing? Mass murders are dropping all the time despite a growing population and more guns in society?

We already have 20,000 gun laws in America, what’s that one gun law that we’re missing that would stop a murderer from breaking the law of committing murder?

The Brady Anti-Gun Campaign claims that their gun restrictions have stopped millions of felons from getting guns, but they want even more restrictions. But if they are right, where are the millions of felons that have been stopped? Where is the huge jail that’s full of these millions of felons stopped and arrested by the Brady Campaign’s Anti-Gun laws? The truth is they haven’t stopped millions of felons and the few that have been stopped could fit in your living room.

What they really want is for no one to be able to have any gun of any kind. And by vilifying some guns based on cosmetic reasons only, they win bit by bit. They get people to agree that yes, some guns should be on the left column and some on the right.

They won’t tell you why, but instead demonize certain guns as being for “Assault” or for the “Military,” despite the fact that you could really say that about every gun. There’s no difference in the guns they want to ban from guns made 100 years ago.

If they win this one it opens the door to any and all guns being labeled for "assault." It's the exact carbon-copy plan used to ban guns in Australia and Europe. 

Government is the replacement for religion.

Those that push for gun bans tend to be people who's highest form of religion is government. They believe that government can and will fix every problem in society – if government could just be bigger. They believe that by putting up “Gun-Free-Zone” signs, that evil people will see the signs and go elsewhere. They imagine a gun-free country where we hold hands and sing Kumbaya because in their view, inanimate objects like guns are the cause of violence. They yearn for and want to create a violence-free world free of guns, where everyone is helpless and unable to defend themselves.

So where is their utopian society that they can hold up as a shining light to the world, a place where restrictive gun laws has created a place free of all evil and horrible violence?

Where's the Anti-Gun Utopia? Mexico? China?

Where in the world is their example that they want to emulate? On our very same continent, Mexico has the exact restrictive laws that they want and who believes that individuals there are somehow safer from evil?

China has horribly restrictive laws, putting people to death for even coming into possession of a gun, yet criminals there still have guns. And yesterday, the same day as our US school attack, there was a mass stabbing in a Beijing school where 28 children of the small age of four years old were stabbed. Why didn’t the Chinese anti-gun laws and anti-murder laws save these children from someone who is evil and doesn’t obey laws? (news link)

Why Won't the Media Blame the Media?

The media is quick to blame the Freedom to Bear Arms, yet why won’t they blame the Freedom of the Press or the Freedom of Free Speech for this tragedy? If anything it should be obvious that evil people seeking attention are the ones committing horrendous crimes of mass murder, and the media’s constant pouring over the life of the perpetrator, sympathizing with them, asking questions about why society let them down and who was really to blame, gives them the attention they seek, and therefore feeds the problem.

And yes, this applies to perpetrators who kill themselves afterwards, because others who are out there like them, watch the news and relate to the perpetrators. They see the attention given to the perps, the constant talk about how they were really a victim of society and how society let them down, and this media drivel goes on for weeks on every channel, talk show and newspaper. The perp gets notoriety and similar people watch that and desperately want the same attention poured over them. They feel like victims too and want their own attention and sympathy by doing the same thing.

So why doesn’t the media report on this? Because they believe that those types of sick people are rare compared to the rest of their audience. In other words, the rights of free speech and free press are mostly used for good, and some bad things will just happen. But they refuse to accept that the same argument in terms of the one constitutional and civil right that they adamantly disagree with – guns.

Don't fall for the liberal "Do-Something Disease." 

Don't let the media's constant narrative cause you to believe that every bad thing requires us to "do something." Don't believe that it's the government's job to constantly be there to save us. Don't let the TV be your view of the outside world. Don't let the media's negative view of society, crime, family, religion, and guns cause you to believe the country is in irreversible decline and that only more government intervention can save us.

Remember that "news" is what's different, and is not the norm. Remember that the news and liberal agendas are fed by bad news and not by facts. Have a no-shrug policy when it comes to news agencies and liberal politicians making wild claims about guns in order to push an agenda. Never let their mis-information pass by writing in, posting on their stories, and link to better facts.

Pray for our country, and do what you can to spread conservative, religious and family values. Do what you can to lighten the oppressive requirements that keep others from being able to defend themselves, and help others understand the truth about guns and the decrease of crime.

If your are a gun owner, join the NRA no matter what. When they call you on occasion, give some money if you can, but be a member no matter what. The number of members has a lot of weight on congress, especially if membership is going up.

And just as you wear a seatbelt every day and not just on the days that you’ll get in a wreck, admit that evil exists in this world and look at how you can be prepared to defend yourself just in case. Do not fall for the myth that the government should and will always be there to protect you.

Truth Dispels Myths

And finally, beef up your knowledge on real gun facts because truth dispels myths and lies. Let me recommend a book by an economist who started on the left, wanting to ban guns. As he gathered and juried studies, he had to remain unbiased for the numbers to have any power and influence, and he proved time and time again that guns were actually good for society.

Being a man of integrity, he became a gun advocate and wrote a number of books showing all of his numbers and stats – none of which will ever appear in the news or quoted by liberal politicians.

Prepare yourself and read John Lott’s book, More Guns, Less Crime. 

And save $10 when you join the NRA with this link.

(Another resource on media bias, Michael Medved's speech

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