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I Support the 2nd Amendment, BUT…

Have you heard people say this? “I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT ______.”

No matter what they say after, it shows that they really don’t support or perhaps understand the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment is not about having to jump through tons of hoops, only to be restricted to one gun with one bullet. It’s about being able to keep (meaning to own) and bear (meaning to carry) arms without infringement.

All the data shows that the Founders had it right, that when Americans are more free in their gun rights, crime goes down, and when they are restricted, crime goes up. (see Gun Facts eBook, and John Lott’s book.)

But this phrase, “I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT ______” is how the gun banners appeal to the public to sound as if they understand both sides of the issue, it makes them sound centered in their approach, it’s a way to appeal to uneducated gun owners, and a way to divide gun owners into smaller groups that can be more easily conquered (hunters vs. enthusiasts vs. collectors vs. self defense, etc.).

Sadly more gun owners and politicians have been heard saying this phrase recently, perhaps with the worry that if they don’t, they will offend some of their constituents.

The right thing to say is, “I support the 2nd Amendment, PERIOD!”

Gun Rights ARE Civil Rights

There is a new video commercial you should watch and share to help educate people of that fact, created by the 2nd Amendment Foundation.

The 2nd Amendment Foundation differs from the NRA in that the NRA’s main strength is with Congress who creates gun legislation, where the 2nd Amendment Foundation is made up of lawyers who systematically bring court cases to trial on the issues of gun civil rights, in order to restore lost gun rights from bad legislation, which sometimes takes decades or longer. This is why we must fight now, before bad laws are created.

(A great read on why we have guns in America, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Mamet writes this article: Why We Have Guns)

Gun bans never slow crime, new bans won’t either.

Gun banner groups say that the reason past bans have failed is because they didn’t go far enough in stripping Americans of their gun rights, and therefore they want to take new gun bans even further.

These new proposed gun bans are not at all about stopping violence, but instead they are designed to ban and confiscate millions of firearms from law-abiding citizens.

If it were about decreasing violence, and if it were even true that banning inanimate and amoral objects would somehow increase morality and decrease murders, then why not ban those instruments used the most often in murders?

And what are those items used most often? If you were to get your view of the outside world from the media, than you might guess guns. But according to the FBI, people are far more likely to be killed with clubs, hammers and feet, than with guns, particularly the certain rifles and gun parts that banners can most easily demonize in the news.

Obama Has Caused Gun Sales to Soar, & Murders Are Down.

If President Obama really believes that we have a “growing culture of violence” and that guns are to blame, then why didn’t he do anything about guns when he was first elected, when murders were much higher?

In actuality, since he was first elected, gun sales have been through the roof as millions of Americans have taken his threats towards bans seriously. Each new threat has brought more new shooters into the market and has made experienced shooters buy more too. As a result, gun ownership is at an all-time high, and murders and violence keep declining.

In fact, Obama should instead be touting the successful drop in murders and violence since he came into office, but instead he hides good news on guns because it goes against his agenda and narrative that we live in a “growing culture of violence.”

Rampage Murders Are Obviously Politicized

Even rampage murders are down despite the news. Rampage murders are mass murders committed by a coward who wants to commit suicide and decides to do it while killing a lot of innocent people at the same time. They always happen in "gun-free zones" as a way for the coward to finally become infamous, and finally get the attention he seeks so desperately.

The media and politicians like to blame rampage murders on inanimate objects like guns, but the truth is that rampage murders use bombs, blunt objects, and anything else they can find. There was even a rampage murderer who attacked a school on the same day of the Sandy Hook event, but it got no media coverage because the attacker used a knife to stab a class full of petrified 5 year babies. Where was the outcry towards certain makes and models of knives?

There is a particular mind-set of a rampage murderer and the answer is not creating more useless laws banning objects used by millions of good people for self-defense, but rather to deal with the actual problem of broken families, mental illness, and the fact that the media’s undivided attention on such killers feeds future rampage murders.

But still, despite the media’s incessant attention to make infamous the cowards who commit rampage murders, we still have less violence in or society despite having more guns.

"I Support the 2A, BUT Magazine Bans Save Lives." False!

The gun banners keep saying this, and various proposed bills are trying to limit magazine capacity under the guise that the reload time will give the un-armed and helpless victims in a "gun-free zone" murder spree, a chance to fight back with their hands.

Feinstein is saying that the restriction must be 10 rounds, New York says 10 and even 8 rounds is too much and it must be 7, California not wanting to be out-done is looking for an even lower number but they'll have to try and outdo New Jersey who says it should be 3, and Connecticut who wants it to only be 1 round!

What none of the gun banners are saying is the number they really want, and the number they're trying to get to eventually – which is ZERO! They see no need for guns and want a completely gun free America. But instead they try to divide gun owners in an attempt to conquer some and say, "I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT no one should be able to have more than __ rounds."

Magazine Capacity Myth Debunked

Here in this recent video, Sheriff Ken Campbell demonstrates that both experienced and inexperienced shooters can still fire the same about of rounds, and that banning normal capacity magazines (1) does not pass the common sense test, (2) it does not give un-armed victims a realistic chance to tackle a murderer, (3) but it does make it harder for civilians to defend themselves against a violent attack.

What Can You Do?

(1) Send 22 Emails With 2 Clicks

Both Ruger and Smith & Wesson have set up a website where you can send 11 pre-written letters by emails at once to your local and state representatives. Use both sites each week to send letters each week.
(2) Call Your State Reps Weekly

It'll take less than 1 minute per call and the message should be short and clear:
  • "Universal Background Checks are a fancy gun-ban term for total registration and then confiscation."
  • "All gun bans and restrictions have proven to fail to stop crime."
  • "We are watching you very closely on this issue and will send you home if you support any part of these proposed anti-gun bills."
Find your reps here: and save their phone numbers in your phone as Congress 1, 2, and 3 with their names so that they are easy to call. Be friendly and to the point.

(3) Send Personal Emails Too

Even with the automated email links above, I've been sending certain representatives custom written emails. I think it's important to send something that is personally written so that it gets read. You can address certain things they've said both good and bad, and of course remind them that you are strongly motivated, and vote specifically on this one issue of gun rights.

(4) Join the NRA

There is no group better when it comes to access and influence with Congress and gun rights, and numbers of NRA members matter. The media has been trying to demonize and mock the NRA, but membership is growing leaps and bounds.

Be a year member for only about $25 using a discount with this link.

(5) Spread the Word

Spread the word by passing this around to all your friends and encourage them to all do the same thing. We have the facts and the majority of people in our favor. We just need to speak up.

(6) Take Someone Shooting

It’s amazing how taking someone shooting inoculates them against the lies of gun-banners. The more people get into shooting and study self-defense, the more they realize how much they want to prepare to defend themselves, and how much the government gets in their way of doing so.

(7) Read and educate yourself on the subject.
The sources I used above are listed below. Check them out as well as more of my articles right here.

• Conn Lawmaker Pushes for Limits to ONE Round

• Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Mamet: Why We Have Guns

• Free E-Book of Gun Facts

• Medved: Why Obama Hides Good News on Guns

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