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"Universal Background Checks" & the High Moral Verbiage of Gun Banners

Right now gun banners are using devious marketing tactics to stake out the higher moral ground on the issue of gun bans, and they're using specific and nice sounding words to do it to appeal to the uninformed.

They are using words like “common sense,” “reasonable,” “compromise,” and “universal” when they describe any of their agendas to strip Americans of their civil rights that pre-date the creation of this country.

Listen, and you'll hear the gun banners say “common sense legislation” instead of massive gun bans, and they'll say “reasonable measures” in place of “registration and confiscation.”

They say that gun owners need to “compromise” and discuss their “reasonable and common sense” legislation, but in this case compromise doesn't mean that both sides get something, instead it means that gun owners are stripped of more civil rights and get nothing in return – not even safety or lower crime.

What's the Opposite of "Reasonable" & "Common Sense?"

If the gun banners are labeling themselves as the ones who are “reasonable” and having “common sense,” than that leaves us gun owners by default as the ones who must be un-reasonable and having no common sense. The gun banners feel it's their job to be our mom and to tell us what we can and can’t own, even if we haven't broken any laws, and even if more guns means less crime in society.

In their opinion, we are supposed to be grateful that they even “allow us to own anything at all, because they feel we shouldn't have any guns in today's world. The feel that it's through their generosity that we can even have some. The heads of the gun banner groups feel that the 2nd Amendment is an archaic idea written for frontier times by old, irrelevant, dead people, and it needs to be updated to coincide with their utopian, gun-free, modern society. In their perfect world, not even police would have guns, because they wouldn't need them if no one else had them.

To do that, they constantly stake out of the moral high ground as their way of dividing gun owners into separate and smaller groups that can be more easily conquered (ie. hunters vs. enthusiasts vs. collectors vs. self protection). If they can get some gun owners to agree and turn against themselves by agreeing to more restrictions, the gun banners win bit by bit.

But “Universal Background Check” Sounds Like a Good Thing

By labeling their gun registration and confiscation plan with an innocuous and vague term like “Universal Background Check,” they are in fact creating a box that they can put anything into, at any time. It will be a permanent system that they can grow as they'd like.

They can add to this system over time to further restrict and ban future ownership. If all guns must pass through the gun banner's UBC system, including the passing down of heirlooms, then future ownership can and will be squashed with future bans.

The News Doesn't Check Obama's "Facts"

The UBC may sound good when the news doesn’t check Obama’s grossly exaggerated figure that 40% of guns are sold privately, or his claim that it’s this so-called “loophole” that allows criminals to spend their hard-earned money on guns used in crime.

The truth is that private sale is not a loophole at all, but used to be the norm for hundreds of years until the gun banners created the current system. If anything, this is a concession that their past gun regulations didn't go far enough, and they want even private sales to go through their new system.

The 40% figure is a lie because private gun sales are really in the single digits, not to mention that most criminals don’t buy their guns from law-abiding citizens. Criminals may trade or buy guns from each other on a black market, but they steal them from law-abiding citizens.

The news doesn’t check Obama’s statement that our current background check system stopped 1.5 million people from getting guns, because the truth shows how failed the current system really is. The truth is that 94% of those rejected were errors, and the actual group of people that were prosecuted for trying to buy a gun illegally could all fit into your living room.

Most private gun sales are family gifts and heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation, and that infuriates gun banners. They want to know what guns you have, even if it’s an old shotgun inherited from your grandpa. They want to know about it, record it in a database, so that down the road they can demonize it in the news, and then come and take it from you.

Registration equals confiscation, but not for criminals.

All Gun Control Has Proven to Fail

Remember that all gun control of every kind has failed. President Clinton's decade long "Assault-Weapon's Ban" was a complete failure by all accounts on both sides. But the gun banners say it failed because they didn't go far enough or use "confiscation."

The truth is that gun control only prevents good people from having guns, and not criminals – because criminals will always break the law and will always have weapons and will always refuse registration.

Every time someone says, “We must do this, or criminals will get guns,” or “We must do that, or criminals will carry guns,” remember that criminals already have guns and already carry them.

All of the 20,000+ gun laws only stop law-abiding citizens from their inalienable right to keep and bear arms. Each law bit by bit, strips good people from their ability to keep (own) and bear (carry) guns – a civil right that we're supposed to have without infringement from the government.

Every gun law is another infringement that we've put up with, and this UBC seems to be the final line in the sand for many. Right now gun banners are fighting harder than they ever had, and we have to fight back harder than we ever have for our civil rights and our children's.

I believe that the gun banners are pushing for so much registration that they hope to wear us out and then come up with a “compromise” and get what they really want, “Universal Background Check.” They even admit that the UBC system will be toothless without registration, and registration is useless without confiscation.

But What if UBC Doesn't Have Registration?

Sometimes the gun banners will say in one news clip or another that the "Universal Background Check" system won't have registration, but then they admit that it will, or will be useless without it.

Remember that this is all a shell game to them to get support from the un-educated, and the media has been shown 8-to1 to be complicit in the anti-gun agenda and they don't question it. As another example of media bias, look at the media's portrayal of two very different rallies.

The gun banners will insist on full registration and a database kept of all firearms. The question is whether it goes into their original bill, gets slipped in at the end, or gets added after it passes because they'll say that UBC just isn’t reducing crime like they planned. (FYI - No gun ban law ever reduces crime.)

They know they need it, they’re just trying to gain support by dividing gun owners before they slip it in. The real question is what happens after Registration? And will we let it go that far?

Two Videos

In closing, here are two videos that stuck out to me this week. The first is only 6 minutes long, by an Ex Secret Service Agent. It is powerful and worth watching.

The second is about 25 minutes long on the repercussions of UBC, by NUTNFANCY.

Finally, What Can You Do?

(1) Send 22 Emails With 2 Clicks

Both Ruger and Smith & Wesson have set up a website where you can send 11 pre-written letters by emails at once. Instantly email your local and state representatives, your Attorney General, Governor and Lieutenant Governor, as well as the President and Vice President.

Use both sites each week to send letters each week. Don't worry about annoying them, that's the idea. We want them to be so sick of us, that they finally start to take us seriously. It is working too.
(2) Call Your State Reps Weekly

Keep it up. The calls and emails are working, but the gun banners are expecting us to get tired out. Continue to call your state reps every week for the next 8 or so weeks. It'll take less than 1 minute per call and the message should be short and clear:

  • "Universal Background Checks are a fancy gun-ban term for total registration and then confiscation."
  • "All gun bans and restrictions have proven to fail to stop crime."
  • "We are watching you very closely on this issue and will send you home if you support any part of these proposed anti-gun bills."
Find your reps here: and save their phone numbers in your phone as Congress 1, 2, and 3 with their names so that they are easy to call. Be friendly and to the point.

(3) Send Personal Emails Too

Even with the automated email links above, I've been sending certain representatives custom written emails. I think it's important to send something that is personally written so that it gets read. You can address certain things they've said both good and bad, and of course remind them that you are strongly motivated, and vote specifically on this one issue of gun rights.

(4) Join the NRA

There is no group better when it comes to access and influence with Congress and gun rights, and numbers of NRA members matter. The media has been trying to demonize and mock the NRA, but membership is growing leaps and bounds.

Be a year member for only about $25 using a discount with this link.

(5) Spread the Word

Spread the word by passing this around to all your friends and encourage them to all do the same thing. We have the facts and the majority of people in our favor. We just need to speak up.

(6) Take Someone Shooting

It’s amazing how taking someone shooting inoculates them against the lies of gun-banners. The more people get into shooting and study self-defense, the more they realize how much they want to prepare to defend themselves, and how much the government gets in their way of doing so.

(7) Read and educate yourself on the subject.
The sources I used above are listed below. Check them out as well as more of my articles right here.

• Free E-Book of Gun Facts

• Obama’s false numbers that 40% of guns are sold privately and the background check system stopped more than 1.5 million people from getting guns.

• Gun banners insist on total registration, and anything else is "toothless."

• Medved: Two Rallies, Two World Views

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