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Criminals Are Exempt from Gun Registration

Due to the 1968 Supreme Court case Haynes v. US, criminals are exempted from any gun registration plans of the government. This proves again that all gun control laws only affect good people who in this case must register their guns, and gun registration means confiscation. Why else must the government know about the guns in the hands of good people unless they plan to take them?

We don't even have to use other countries for examples of registration turning into confiscation -- we only have to look to our own United States and those states and areas that have tried registration under the guise that it was needed to curb violence, but then turned around and started confiscating those same guns with SWAT teams going door to door.

No leap of logic is needed to understand that registration means confiscation, and the ones in charge of registration are not gun advocates or those groups that teach gun safety but rather it is the enemy -- the gun banners who will determine what you can and can't own.

Universal Background Check = Gun Registration

Right now we face the threat of a national gun registry. Gun banners want to be the ones who control what you can and can't own, and they want to grow that list of banned items down the road. The easiest way to ban guns in the future is to get you to register everything you currently own.

Because calls to senators are getting a 100-to-1 and some even a 1000-to-1 call ratio in support of the 2nd Amendment, gun banners have innocuously named their gun registry instead as "Universal Background Check" in order to bolster support from the uninformed.

This is a horrible bill that we must stop and we must continue to call our state reps and flood their emails and phone lines. "Universal Background Check" gives gun banners the control and the ability to decide at any time, what guns they will allow you to have and what guns they will come and confiscate from you, and because of the law, they will know what you have, even if you inherited it from your grandpa.

They like to talk about "need" as if you have to prove to them, why you "need" certain guns. If they don't agree, they will come and take it. But keep in mind that gun banners really hate every gun for different reasons, and they have plenty of reasons as to why every gun sooner or later should be confiscated.

In their mind, some guns are too scary looking, some look like machine guns (though they are not), others are too small and concealable, other guns are too big and could be used by snipers, and some guns are too cheap. If one type of gun is used in a crime, then surely it must have been manufactured for criminals, and all the millions of good people who have a similar gun would have to turn theirs in to be destroyed.

In the view of gun banners, our problems in society don't come from bad people, but instead they blame everything on normal guns in the hands of good people.

No gun control efforts have ever affected criminals. Besides the obvious reasons that criminals do what they want despite the laws, there's even the Supreme Court case mentioned above that says that criminals are exempt from gun registration. That means we have to stop the UBC today.

If you want more details on the UBC (Universal Background Check), I wrote about it a few weeks ago. Read about the UBC here.

The Internet = The New Media

Because the media isn't reporting on the UBC accurately, people have taken it upon themselves to spread the news. Here's one short example.

The Media Mocks You

Do you believe in gun safety? The media (TV, movies, the news, and those in Hollywood) are all quick to mock the NRA, the one group that teaches gun safety, when the media themselves glorify the bad use of guns.

When it comes to guns and gun safety, the media rarely portray gun owners in a positive light, and they certainly don't share all the good gun facts nor do they help teach any safety. Instead, they are annoyed and mock to no end those that do believe in gun safety. By mocking and pointing their fingers in dismay at gun owners, they attempt to seem superior and gain more support from those who don't want to be mocked.

Jim Carrey recently mocked gun owners with a high-end looking video that portrayed the NRA and people who support the 2nd Amendment as uneducated back-woods hicks. It's ironic that he'd mock the one group that teaches gun safety and has reduced gun crime and gun accidents, when he himself gets paid a lot to glorify the bad handling of guns.

Even during a speech by the head of the NRA, the national news agencies and media outlets in attendance were mocking him over twitter before he even began to speak. A fair approach to journalism?

Take note: Mockery is the new gun banner's tool to build public approval for their side.

What Can You Do?

(1) Send 22 Emails With 2 Clicks. 
Use these two links to instantly email all your representatives, and use them both weekly.
(2) Call Your State Reps Weekly
Keep it up. The calls and emails are working, but the gun banners are expecting us to get tired out. Be nice, but to the point.
  • Do not support any new gun legislation.
  • Do not support the bogus "Universal Background Checks."
  • I will work to send you home or I will work to support you, depending on how you vote on this one thing.
Find your reps here: and save their phone numbers in your phone as Congress 1, 2, and 3 with their names so that they are easy to call.

(3) Send Personal Emails Too
Even with the automated email links above, send some custom written emails. I think it's important to send something that is personally written so that it gets read. Remind them that you are strongly motivated, and vote specifically on this one issue of gun rights.

(4) Join the NRA

There is no group better when it comes to access and influence with Congress and gun rights, and numbers of NRA members matter. The media has been trying to demonize and mock the NRA, but membership is growing leaps and bounds.

Be a year member for only about $25 using a discount with this link.

(5) Spread the Word

Spread the word by passing this around to all your friends and encourage them to all do the same thing. We have the facts and the majority of people in our favor. We just need to speak up.

(6) Take Someone Shooting

It’s amazing how taking someone shooting inoculates them against the lies of gun-banners. The more people get into shooting and study self-defense, the more they realize how much they want to prepare to defend themselves, and how much the government gets in their way of doing so.

(7) Read and educate yourself on the subject.
The sources I used above are listed below. Check them out as well as more of my articles right here.

• Free E-Book of Gun Facts

• Obama’s false numbers that 40% of guns are sold privately and the background check system stopped more than 1.5 million people from getting guns.

• Gun banners insist on total registration, and anything else is "toothless."

• Medved: Two Rallies, Two World Views

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