Thursday, October 25, 2012

3rd Party Followers SHOULD Vote Romney

Liberals tend to vote for whomever has the most support on their side, even if they differ here and there because they understand that when they win, they get things accomplished for their side. That means more liberal judges, more government spending, more debt, and more entitlements, and more anti-religious movements and more eroding away at conservative values.

Conservatives on the other hand tend to divide themselves and bicker over who truly is the most "ultimate" and "supreme" conservative option, and therefore tend to lose more often. When we lose, we do not get our say.

Instead of supporting the conservative team and moving the entire movement forwards, some instead choose to stroke their own egos by splitting off and voting with write-ins and “loser-tarian” third-party candidates that never can get enough support to win, let alone break 2%.

These voters then feel intellectually superior for wasting their vote, and feel that America (now with a leftist at the helm) will "learn it's lesson" and listen to them better next time, because they were right all along. This mentality does nothing for the country, but rather is self-centered and selfish as all it does is makes that person feel good about themselves.

Author Michael Medved uses a strong term to characterize this, calling it “mastabatory,” as it is a completely wasted and selfish effort that does nothing but make the voter feel good.

Remember that even in this climate, Conservatives outnumber Liberals 2-to-1 in almost every state, yet Liberals keep winning. We instead need the Conservatives, the Independents, and even as many Democrats as we can get to vote for our side, and for the ONE major candidate for our side. No candidate is ever perfect in everyone’s eyes, but still, we are always better off with someone from our side in the White House, then we are with someone from the completely opposite side.

3rd party lovers are all very passionate, but use your passion, your love of country, your ability and willingness to vote – use these for good. Do not throw the election to the Left by not supporting the Right's major candidate.

Do not split your vote from Conservatives so that you can thump your chest while you give us four more years of Obama – four more years of anemic economic growth, four more years of bigger government, for more years of over spending, four more years of anti-business rhetoric, four more years of condemning and envying “the rich,” and four more years of leftist judges being appointed to the Supreme and lower Federal courts (judges that will sit and decide law for 40 years or longer).

If you really care about Conservative values and you want to make an actual difference for this country, vote for Romney, the major candidate that most closely matches your values, that has the most support, and highest possibility of winning. Ronald Regan understood this the first time he ran, and I hope Ron Paul and his supporters understand this too.

Vote for Romney, and until next time, America.

-- Bry Cox

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