Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Question for 3rd Party Supporters

Supporters of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson tend to be voters with high values. Therefore the answer to this question should be obvious. Which is better, or rather, which is a higher value: making actual change for America, or pounding your chest and feeling right?

There are many rules to presidential elections that are unbreakable, here are two. If you want to make ACTUAL and REAL change, you must understand these, no matter who you'd like to win.

(1) No 3rd party candidate in the history of America has ever won a major election, particularly a presidential election, or even received even more than a tiny percent of votes.
(2) All 3rd party candidates pull votes away from the candidate with values most like them.

It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while hoping for a different result. Hoping that write-ins or 3rd party candidates will suddenly win is insane. Believing that throwing your important vote their way is somehow good for America is insane. Voting for a 3rd party candidate out of a feeling of personal intellectual superiority is insane. Why? In every case you do not help your cause, but instead harm it. Instead of seeing of the big picture, you instead focus just on yourself.

Common arguments for 3rd party candidates are that the current system is broken, your guy didn’t get a fair shot, or you say you can't vote for "the lesser of two evils." But these arguments do not stand up because neither candidate is evil but rather imperfect as every candidate will always be.

Secondly, you cannot make change or fix the system by working against it, if anything by breaking off you set things back further. A political party is grown through addition and multiplication, not by division. There is strength in numbers.

The small single-digit percentage points that 3rd party candidates have is not enough for any of them to win, to have say, or to make a positive difference – yet it is enough to throw the election to Obama. And if Obama wins we get more government spending, a slower economy, more liberal judges on the bench, and more anti-business and anti-success agendas – all the opposite of what you and I want for our country.

As Conservatives, we ALL agree on the same big issues. We agree that when we have stronger family values, stronger businesses, a stronger economy, and much less government spending and less debt, we can not only start to succeed, but we can focus on other pressing issues.

When we conservatives can agree and vote together, we can move the country in our direction. When we split off because of petty differences, we lose and are stuck with more liberal agendas, more liberal judges, more government spending, and more government debt.

You would never dream of leaving your family, breaking off, divorcing, and working against it, all in the name of “strengthening it.” Similarly, you build a conservative party the way you build a family, and that's by working within the family, not outside of it. Ron Paul's own son understands this and I hope his supporters do to.

Vote for Romney, and until next time, America.

– Bry Cox

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