Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama and the 2nd Amendment

Some gun owners mistakenly believe that Obama will be better for gun rights and the 2nd Amendment than Romney, saying that he hasn't done anything against gun owners. That is not true. Here’s some details to help you understand how dangerous Obama would be for gun owners and believers in the 2nd Amendment.

• By Executive order Obama stopped the importation of hundreds of thousands of American-made rifles back into the US.

• Obama blocked the normal reselling of millions of spent casings originally used by the military and sold to re-loaders to make ammo. This not only means that the military loses money, but it causes ammo to be more scarce and expensive for shooters.

• By Executive order and without going through Congress, Obama changed the requirements of buying firearms in many southern states (requirements which were already stringent and overseen by the FBI).

• Obama told author and economist John Lott that no one should ever be allowed to have a gun. This is strange because as President he’s sworn to uphold the Constitution, yet he believes it is the Government's job to "allow" us to have this right.

• Obama put two anti-gun judges on the Supreme court who first swore they’d uphold gun rights, then voted against them. Obama also as put many other anti-gun judges in the lower Federal courts. These assignments last sometimes 40-50 years.

• Fast and Furious. How else can you explain it except seemingly an attempt to ban a huge segment of US made guns? It wasn't a botched gun-walking program, because unlike other past programs this one had no way to track where the guns went, no plans to follow them, and this was not done in cooperation with the Mexican government. So with no expectation of ever recovering them or the criminals, it seems the only expectation was to wait and find these US made guns at Mexican crime scenes where they could be held up to the cameras demanding more bans and restrictions to keep them out of the hands of criminals.

• Under the Fast and Furious investigation Congress wanted to know how high this scandal went. They found Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress for withholding 95% of the subpoenaed documents, but then Obama stepped in with an Executive Order to stop that.

• Obama has posted on his website and has stated in the debate that he wants more gun bans, growing that list to possibly include “cheap handguns.”

In his second term with no worries of re-election, Obama will do what he believes in strongly, and that means keeping his promises on banning huge segments of guns.

Obama has promised that he wants to ban more guns. Romney on the other hand has promised that he will not ban any guns. If you take both at their word, Romney is the only vote for gun owners and those that believe in the principles of self-reliance and self-defense.

Vote Romney, and until next time America.

– Bry Cox

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