Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Can WE Do About the Looming Gun Bans?

Current Talks of Banning Semi-Autos

Right now the Right to Bear Arms is up against the worst and most sweeping bans to date. The anti-gun groups don't want to just ban sport rifles that they have cleverly called, "Assault Rifles" to confuse the gullible, but they want to ban all semi-autos. They want to ban rifles, handguns, and shotguns, and yes even pump shotguns, and yes even Dad's and Grandpa's old wood guns made even 100 years ago passed down as heirlooms.

They may say on camera that it's only about the "dangerous" and "evil" assault rifles, and that hunters need not fear, but everyone knows that semi-autos permeate hunting, competition, self-defense, and everything else. By trying to split hunters from gun owners, they really trying to say that non-hunting gun owners are crazy and need government intervention. It's a way to get gun owners to turn against each other, when instead we should be standing with each other.

Their model legislation for the country is being pushed through Chicago and New York right now, and it bans literally everything that is semi-auto or that can hold more then 7 bullets, not 30!

There's a Rush This Month

Senator Feinstein admitted that she had been working on this legislation for over a year, and it was clear that her and President Obama were just waiting for some crisis to push it through. They were already talking about it on the news before the bodies of the poor victims were even removed from the scene. The NRA on the other hand took a full week to make even a single statement.

So why rush it? Why push it through? Because it can't pass with level-headed minds. It can't pass when facts are allowed into the conversation. And they need it to pass as soon as possible so that it's as far away as possible from the Congressional elections in two years.

They want this through in the next 4-6 weeks, and they are using the words "Registration" and "Confiscation" on almost a daily basis, and they want to stop you from selling any gun privately or passing guns on to your heirs through a will.

It doesn't matter that they got through a rifle/magazine ban that lasted an entire decade and did nothing by all accounts to stop any crime, in their world the reason it didn't work is because they didn't go far enough. Feinstein admitted that if she had got the votes, she would have used confiscation at the time.

It's Not About "Bad" Guns, but All Guns

Like you, they don't believe that one rifle is good and other rifle is bad, or that 7 bullets is just fine but 8 is somehow horrible. They don't believe that, and they also don't believe it will lower crime either if they can ban more guns. However, what it does do is gets gullible people on their side and it distracts from their real message, which is that they hate all guns. They hate all bullets. Even one bullet is too much in their minds, but they will take what they can get right now.

This new attempt is to go so much further, so that if they are forced to compromise in any way, they will still get more than they would normally get.

So What Do WE Do?

(1) Join the NRA.

Yes, there are other gun groups. Some are good at systematic lawsuits (like the 2nd Amendment Foundation), but no group is better when it comes to access and influence over Congress, and numbers of NRA members matter.

There are an estimated 90-150 million gun owners in America. There are sadly only 4 million members of the NRA. Don't be someone that is riding for free in the wagon, help pull the wagon.

You don't have to give money when they call on occasion, in fact you can have them not call you or ever send you mail. You don't even have to take the free American Rifleman magazine, but at the very least, join right now. You'd spend more on a box of bullets to shoot this week, join the NRA and get everyone else to do the same.

[save $10 with this link. It'll only be about $25 for a year.]

(2) Call each of your 3 state reps, once a week for the next 8 weeks.

The GunTalk radio show is asking all gun owners to do this and to get everyone else you know to do it too. It'll take less than 1 minute per call and the message should be short and clear.
"No new gun laws.
"Gun laws have proven to fail.
"We won't stand for scapegoating.
"Remove the phony 'gun free zones' which enable killers to go unchecked.
"We are watching you carefully on this issue. Work with us or we will work to send you home."
Don't talk about how there's no difference mechanically between modern sport rifles and guns made 100 years ago, no need to talk about magazine capacity or databases or registrations. Instead the message should be short and to the point, "Gun bans have always proven to fail. We do not want you to keep doing what we know will fail and punish millions of good people at the same time."

That's it. I saved my reps phones in my cell phone as Congress 1, 2, and 3 with their names. That makes them easy to find and easy to call. When you call, you'll just get an intern who listens and makes a note about how you feel. Be friendly and to the point.

What we need is a literal flood of calls so that they get the message that the American people will not stand for this.

Find your reps here and save their numbers in your phone.

(3) Sign the Petition and Be Apart of Gun Appreciation Day

The 2nd Amendment Foundation is looking for 50 Million signatures, plus get a grass-roots events going all over America on January 19th, 2013, set to coincide with the Obama inauguration.

Go and sign the petition, and then see and be apart of what's happening on Gun Appreciation Day. The idea is to take flags, the constitution, and signs and visit your local gun store or gun show on January 19th and help make a big showing.

The idea is to replace the media's constant negative news on guns and gun owners with some positive and overwhelming news, and the national news is already all over this. In fact, some anti-gun groups are trying to stop it, feeling that they should not only stop our 2nd Amendment rights, but also our 1st Amendment rights to free speech and right to assemble.

It is a grass roots event, where people can organize and help as they would like, with many areas like Utah, organizing a march at the State Capitol as well.

(4) Spread the Word

Spread the word by passing this around to all your friends and encourage them to all do the same thing. We really do have the numbers in our favor if we just speak up.

The majority of Conservatives believe in the 2nd Amendment, the majority of Independents believe in the 2nd Amendment, the majority of Moderates believe in the 2nd Amendment, many Democrats believe in the 2nd Amendment, which means that the majority of Americans still believe in the 2nd Amendment.

Spread the word and make your 3 calls, once a week, for the next 8 weeks, sign the petition, and be apart of Gun Appreciation Day.

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