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Gun Violence vs Total Violence

Do you really care what weapon is used to kill you or a family member? If a loved one is raped and killed, does it really matter if the weapon used is a bat, a knife, fists, or a gun?

America has substantially lower murder rates and violent crime compared to England, Australia and Canada – countries constantly shown by gun banners as having lower "gun" violence when compared to America.

But their information is misleading. Aren’t we looking for less total violence and fewer murders in America? Why then are anti-gun politicians and gun banners so pre-occupied with one of the smallest numbers in the violence category – “gun” violence? Why not total violence? It is because using the one number that fits their agenda is a way of mis-informing the gullible and uninformed.

How Gun-Banners Work

Gun banners believe in their hearts that more guns equal more crime, even though the stats all prove them wrong. Gun banners also know that they can’t remove all guns from society, even though they would like to, so they instead use the emotion of tragedies to keep people from looking at facts, while they take what freedoms and guns they can get with mis-information.

They attack on all fronts to strip Americans of as many civil gun rights as possible, but then pull back and “compromise” by just taking some. By “compromising,” they get what they always wanted, and they look like the good guys in the media and public opinion.

Truth: More Guns = LESS Crime

The truth is that when there are more guns in society, total violence and murder rates go down dramatically!

Economist John Lott used to be a gun banner, but he wanted to use a smarter approach and use numbers that could withstand debate, instead of the normal emotion-driven messages of other gun-banners. Being one of the nation’s lead economists, he set up a series of studies to prove that guns were bad, but instead proved again and again that they were actually good for society.

He listened to the numbers rather than bend them to his agenda and became a pro-gun advocate and wrote a book called More Guns, Less Crime amongst others.

Now in its 3rd edition, More Guns, Less Crime is a must read in this political anti-gun climate. Forbes describes the book like this:
“Lott’s book... presents highly sophisticated regression analysis of copious data relating to violent crime and guns city by city, county by county, and state by state, for several recent decades. Lott’s regression equations,

‘account for not only all the law enforcement variables (arrest, execution, and     imprisonment rates), income and poverty measures, (poverty and unemployment rates, per capita real income, as well as income maintenance, retirement and unemployment payments), the thirty-six measures of demographic changes, and the national average changes in crime rates from year-to-year and average differences across states …. In addition, the [regressions] account for the difference in various concealed handgun laws and other types of gun control laws.’
In short, this is the most sophisticated and comprehensive presentation of the data relating to violent crime and guns in the world.”
This and similar work relating to other countries worldwide shows that where the local population owns more guns, there is less crime. That it is because criminals avoid victims who are or might be armed, and prefer to prey on the defenseless and unarmed, such as in “gun-free” zones. And because the presence of guns that can be used in self defense stops the commission of the more violent crimes, such as murder.”
After the release of his book, Lott was interviewed by the anti-gun city of Chicago. You can read his short debate with the interviewer here, at the Universityof Chicago Press.

Someone else has put together this free ebook packed with facts that debunk the gun banner's myths.

So why don’t you hear about this in the news?

It's no news flash that the news outlets themselves are anti-gun. Media Research Center showed recently that news stories from "ABC,CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama's Gun Control Crusade." 

So despite the fact that guns are used by millions of people every day for good, far more than then they are ever used for bad, you wouldn't know it listening to the news. If your view of the world comes from the news, you would think it is the opposite.

Remember that the media needs dysfunction to survive and tragedies are fraught with dysfunction. Plus it feeds into the long-told myth that we live in a “growing culture of violence,” a myth that politicians need people to believe in order to push through their agendas that would otherwise fail if facts were allowed into the discussion.

The New Media = Individuals & the Internet

Because of the strong media bias, frustrated individuals are turning to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other internet sources to share the truth on their own, as I am doing here. In this way, we all are sharing the truth and also showing how irrelevant the mainstream media really is.

As an example, here is someone who has started a YouTube channel, and in this short clip he quickly shows where got his crime facts and how misleading the gun banners really are.

What Can You Do?

(1) Send 22 Emails With 2 Clicks

Both Ruger and Smith & Wesson have set up a website where you can send 11 pre-written letters by emails at once. Instantly email your local and state representatives, your Attorney General, Governor and Lieutenant Governor, as well as the President and Vice President.

Use both sites each week to send letters each week. Don't worry about annoying them, that's the idea. We want them to be so sick of us, that they finally start to take us seriously. It is working too.
(2) Call Your State Reps Weekly

Keep it up. The calls and emails are working, but the gun banners are expecting us to get tired out. Continue to call your state reps every week for the next 8 or so weeks. It'll take less than 1 minute per call and the message should be short and clear:

  • "Universal Background Checks are a fancy gun-ban term for total registration and then confiscation."
  • "All gun bans and restrictions have proven to fail to stop crime."
  • "We are watching you very closely on this issue and will send you home if you support any part of these proposed anti-gun bills."
Find your reps here: and save their phone numbers in your phone as Congress 1, 2, and 3 with their names so that they are easy to call. Be friendly and to the point.

(3) Send Personal Emails Too

Even with the automated email links above, I've been sending certain representatives custom written emails. I think it's important to send something that is personally written so that it gets read. You can address certain things they've said both good and bad, and of course remind them that you are strongly motivated, and vote specifically on this one issue of gun rights.

Make sure it's an email and not a written letter, as written letters sometimes take weeks to go through security tests when being delivered to various representatives.

(4) Join the NRA

There is no group better when it comes to access and influence with Congress and gun rights, and numbers of NRA members matter. The media has been trying to demonize and mock the NRA, but membership is growing leaps and bounds.

Be a year member for only about $25 using a discount with this link.

(5) Spread the Word

Spread the word by passing this around to all your friends and encourage them to all do the same thing. We have the facts and the majority of people in our favor. We just need to speak up.

(6) Take Someone Shooting

It’s amazing how taking someone shooting inoculates them against the lies of gun-banners. The more people get into shooting and study self-defense, the more they realize how much they want to prepare to defend themselves, and how much the government gets in their way of doing so.

(7) Read and educate yourself on the subject.
The articles and books I talked about above are linked below. Read them and pass this on.

• Forbes: 'Assault Weapon' Is Just A PR Stunt Meant To Fool The Gullible.

• Gun Facts Info

• John Lott - More Guns Less Crime.

• Interview with John Lott by the University of Chicago Press

• Media Research Center: "ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama's Gun Control Crusade"

• FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles

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